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Manage services are rapidly becoming one of the most important elements in the reach media conferencing and collaboration industry. The term “management services” has been around far well over a decade in the telecommunications and data communication industries, where it describes wide variety of services ranging from helpdesk support to operations, managements consulting, on-site technical assistance and even project management.

  • Comprehensive AMC
  • Non Comprehensive AMC
  • Charged Services

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services

  • Response time is 2-3 hours.
  • Resolution time is 24 hours/ alternate arrangement/ standby would be provided.
  • Standby/loaner equipment will be provided if there are dependencies on spares/replacement.
  • Assuring near zero downtime and uptime of 98% throughout the period.
  • For preventive maintenance call during the period with ultimate number of breakdown calls.
  • Analysis on failures of equipment/consumables will be provided quarterly.
  • Complete management of installed equipment along with recommendations to replace/upgrade.
  • Training on basic operating procedure of the equipment will be imparted to client personnel.
  • Software support in the form of upgrades.
  • Educate the clients on the latest trends in the industry, to drive maximum benefits from technical advances in the field.
  • A complete study on the infrastructure followed with recommendations on optimum usage of the installation.

Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services

  • Complete managed services without the cover of spares and standby unit.
  • All technical and support services provided with a response time of 3-4 hours.
  • Standby equipment provided with, based on availability, and it is charged on the usage.
  • Spares / consumables are supplied at very competitive prices.
  • Recommended on new technologies for replace / upgrade.

Charged Services

  • National Telesystems caters to clients ( NonAmcs ) on their requirement of Services.
  • Services will cover consulting, repair, resolution, spares, software support and etc.
  • Services will be one time with an option to extend it to Non- Comprehensive /Comprehensive AMCs.