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A multimedia projector is a compact, high resolution, full-color projector capable of projecting text, images, video and audio content. Typically the projector will feature inputs for a computer, DVD player, VCR, CD player and storage device.

Types :

  • LCD Projector
  • LCD Video Wall
  • DLP Projector
  • LED Projector

Audio Conference

Voice conferencing is one of the most critical elements of group communication. Excellent voice quality is essential for both voice-only calls and visual communication environments, ensuring that everyone can clearly hear and be heard to improve productivity and deliver a seamless, natural communications experience.

Types :

  • Comprise a broad selection of conference phones and installed audio solutions for nearly any room environment
  • Deliver legendary voice quality so your attention remains focused on the critical tasks at hand
  • Deliver advanced audio capabilities that create more realistic meeting environments
  • Enables loud, clear, group calls without echoes, dropouts or feedback
  • Advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) support, wireless technology, USB-based solutions, and flexible configuration options to meet the needs of any type room or telephony environment
  • Connect into Web and Video conference solutions for larger meetings.

Video Conference

We provide intelligent software and flexible design of video conferencing Solutions deliver an exceptionally lifelike virtual meeting experience every time...for remote and on-site participants.
Types :



Our range of Panaboards are built with an integral printer for easy-operation

Types :

  • Plain paper printing with multiple copies.
  • Panaboard can work as a PC printer as well as it can be controlled from pc
  • It can helps to keep audience attention and increases participation.
  • Panaboard can be wall-mounted or used with optional floor stand.
  • Panaboard provides multi-copies, logic control and PC interface.

Interactive / Smart Board

Over a decade the concept of training sessions has changed from white board to a projector screen. The technological advances allow audio visual interactions that enables a better understanding of the concepts.

Types :

  • Projector with screen
  • Interactive white board
  • Interactive Slate
  • Touch panel display
  • Multi display with multiple inputs
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Video Set up

Audio System

Types :